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Reading is a gift that provides endless enjoyment and sets young readers on the path to lifelong learning. In an effort to highlight the importance of reading at all ages and to support Illinois authors, my office has once again joined with the Illinois Reading Council for the annual “Illinois Reads” initiative.


 “Illinois Reads” was introduced by the Illinois Reading Council in March 2013. The initiative encourages people to read books by Illinois authors. Each year, the program offers a new list of books at six different age levels. “Illinois Reads” kicks off in March and concludes in November with “Family Reading Night,” an annual statewide event sponsored by my office.


I am proud to serve as the honorary chair of the Illinois Reading Council’s “Illinois Reads” Committee. I encourage everyone to get involved by becoming an Illinois Reads Ambassador, hosting or participating in a Family Reading Night program, attending an “Illinois Reads” author event and/or reading from the rich list of titles.


Thank you again for taking part in this meaningful program.


Jesse White

Honorary Chair, Illinois Reads

Illinois Secretary of State

State Librarian




The Illinois Reading Council and the Illinois Reads Honorary Chairman, Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White, have announced the book titles for the 2022 ILLINOIS READS initiative.